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Objects In Mirror…

I’ve been driving down
These long desert roads
Through moonless nights
To cool my foolish pride
Such a barren landscape
Rocky, cold, unforgiving
I know I’ve been here before
When the sun was shining
And burning in my heart
Night always comes too soon
Smothering the flames
And I keep on driving down
These long desert roads
I need a roadside attraction
Another five dollar distraction
To keep you in my rear view
You’ll always look closer
Than you appear


Modern Grey and the Bench of G.W.S

The sky and sea are painted modern grey
Mirroring the walls of Fort Gorges in the bay
Taking in the serenity all around me
Occupying a park bench that holds fond memories
That ‘old soldiers will never die’
You’ll never be immortal if you never try

Two lovers walking hand-in-hand a seaside mile
We laugh and reminisce, she’s got a beautiful smile
She takes me back to a time and place
I’ve forgotten her name, but I remember her face
Swimming ashore in the depths of her eyes
I’ll never be immortal if I never try

When she sun finally breaks through the clouds
And I feel alone in the midst of the crowd
In the time it takes to mix an old-fashioned potion
I’ll have set sail for distant seas on calmer oceans
Darlin’, rest your head on my shoulder and don’t cry
We’ll never be immortal if we never try

Ledge Lighthouse

Spring Point

Ledge Lighthouse at Spring Point. South Portland, ME

There are wooden park benches
each engraved with a message
to lost heroes and lovers
adjacent to a small paved path
at an old fort built along the coast
with the perfect view of the bay
dotted with stark white sailboats
fishing trawlers and bobbing buoys
feel the cool breeze of change
blowing gently at my back
and the sweet sea salt air
nesting deep within my lungs
it feels good to be alive
sitting on the ledge and
drinking in the ocean scene
with the sun shining down
reflected radiance comes
rippling from the waves
washing calmly onto the shore
lapping against the breakwater
down by the lighthouse