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The Shore

I’m on way
To the sea
I’ll see you there
All bows and curls
Lift you up
And spin you round
The girl I used to whirl

Sweet tonics
To sip and sulk
Old fashioned potions
Foolhardy devotions
Night stand night terrors
Locked you in the drawer
Cast away the key

I’m on my way
To the sea
Light the beacons
And sound the horns
Darling, I’d wash in
On the morning tide
To drown upon your shore


Ledge Lighthouse

Spring Point

Ledge Lighthouse at Spring Point. South Portland, ME

There are wooden park benches
each engraved with a message
to lost heroes and lovers
adjacent to a small paved path
at an old fort built along the coast
with the perfect view of the bay
dotted with stark white sailboats
fishing trawlers and bobbing buoys
feel the cool breeze of change
blowing gently at my back
and the sweet sea salt air
nesting deep within my lungs
it feels good to be alive
sitting on the ledge and
drinking in the ocean scene
with the sun shining down
reflected radiance comes
rippling from the waves
washing calmly onto the shore
lapping against the breakwater
down by the lighthouse