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I’m stranded
Out on the rock
Of the beach
Of your love

Searing sunshine
Simmering horizon
The boiling ocean

I’m sickly
By vergift
Your gift
To me
In the dying light
The fading embers
A sickly-sweet kiss
The taste of death
On those lips
Those tracing

Gone haywire
Watch the machine
Tinker and toil
Ratchet and wrench
A thousand more pieces
For you to try and fit

My malleable heart
The blacksmith’s iron
Forge and shape
Temper and mold
Glowing white-hot
Searing sunshine
You’ve left my body
So very cold


She Calls Me The Sea

She calls me
The sea
Receding from shore
The push
The pull
New moon, treacle sky
Brilliant points of light
Familiar shapes
Each with a name
A story to tell
This cool embrace
Warming you
In time, undertow
This deep union
The push
The pull
She calls me
The sea
Rushing back in
Cresting high
And white
Into the sea wall
This last lament
Between you and I
Drags me under
One more time
Dive down in
And meet me there

South of Seventeen

She was just south of seventeen when they first met
He was angled against a lamp post with a coy smile
And eying her from head to toe he offered a cigarette
But he was well trained in the arts of deception and guile
Hiding his true intentions just beneath his starched collar
While she moved in closer, throwing back auburn hair
She learned just north of fifteen to do anything for a dollar
A body so young teetering on the precipice of disrepair
Against rain slicked pavement they went off arm in arm
Down the sidewalk on a path where life became oblique
It’s been years since mom and dad raised her on the farm
But nothing compared with the danger that he would seek
With a gleam in his eye they scaled stairs in the high rise
And in the room she sat him down and slipped off her dress
While just south of seventeen giving away her best prize
But as she worked she had made no plans of her own egress
The look on his eyes, the smile on his face soon disappeared
As strong hands soon grasped and choked around her neck
Just south of seventeen with what she had always feared
The price of goods when the purchaser feels they’re dreck
Flash back to another night in another rainy southern town
He was angled against a lamp post and often seldom seen
Flipping a quarter, taking his time waiting to strike down
Another girl turning tricks while just south of seventeen

She Over Me

She destroyed me with her smile
Broke me down with her style
Now just what do I do with myself
She’s a mystery wrapped in illusion
Pretty pink bows laced with confusion

She bruises my ego with her words
Pulls me back for seconds and thirds
Now just what do I do with myself
She’s a temptress for cause and effect
Pretty pink rose prickled with regret

She pulls me under
Places I’ve never been
My heart’s asunder
But I’d do it all again

She steals my pride with her stare
Lies in my ear are standard fare
Now just what do I do with myself
She’s a bad dream that doesn’t end
Back in her bed to do it all again

American Dream

The perfect home
They all feel perfectly alone
There’s the drunken dad
Who’s always getting mad
At the honestly cheating mom
She puts out with utmost aplomb
Their loose little blonde daughter
In a bathroom stall they’ve caught her
On her knees praying for love
To reverend represents the lord above
And then there’s the sleeping child
All day long he’s gone wild
At night swallows a handful of pills
They’re just enough to cure his ills

The American dream
Not always what it seems

The perfect white picket fence
Let’s dispense with the pretense
It’s time to turn off the set
There’s so much more to get
But they can’t avert their eyes
From television and it’s lies
Led to believe in what they perceive
Don’t believe the truth if you please
It’s in the way that they’ve been raised
Do everything possible for the praise
What else could this perfect family do
Like all the rest standing in the queue
There must be somewhere they can turn
But the American family will never learn

Their American dream
Not always what it seems