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The Mistrust of Head and Heart

Making sense of what you’ve said
With the thoughts already on my mind
Well, darlin’ don’t look down
Cos it’s too far for you to fall

Count the hours and face your fears
Oscillate and get nowhere fast
Well darlin’ don’t look now
They’ll be coming through the door

I’ve been thinking about your
… love and what I’ll do
You’re hanging over me
Storm clouds and loggerheads

You get me down, so I get high
And I’ve been hanging out for days
Sitting in your haunted grounds
With the apparition of your love

Three days ago on that beach we combed
I was digging up the harder days
Well darlin’, I might have known
You’d been tearing up all the photographs

Lost sight of what love really was
When I set sail for higher ground
In a few days I’ll find my way around
It just takes some time to move on


Bad Habit

Oh, I’ve got a bad habit
And I’m woefully unprepared
In the dimming city lights
She’s got her eyes set on me
I can feel her army of bad intentions
Marching directly for my heart

Oh, I’m a glutton for punishment
Throwing open the gates with a flourish
Ringing the bells and shouting
“Come on in! Come on in!
See the carnival, see the lights!
See the games, see the shows!
And be sure to take a piece of me
Before you go!”

Oh, I’ve got a bad habit
She’s a cool breeze on a summer day
Whistling through aching bones
And tall, arching maple trees
A reminder of the grassy knolls
We played in when we were young

Rain In The City

Lonely souls and lost spirits
Their demure faces stare longingly
At reflections in closed shop windows
And the austere sky pours down
Over tangled intersections
Made of concrete and steel

Two languishing lovers
He cradles his head in his hands
While rain drops ripple and splash
Into their tea cups, as tears
Escape the corners of his eyes
“Not like this,” he laments

Dead leaves and cigarette ends
Litter the sidewalk and gutters
She drops another and stamps it out
Blowing smoke between pursed lips
As she unfurls her umbrella
And trudges through a puddle

Lonely souls and lost spirits
Their demure faces stare longingly
Looking for something they’ve lost
These feelings won’t follow them forever
There’s solace knowing that the sun
Still shines behind storm clouds

It’s Been Awhile…

I used to lay on the hood of my car
And look way up into the blue sky
Wondering if that was you passing by
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you

I used to lay out on the beach
And look way up into the night sky
Wondering if you were in the stars
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you

It seems as time has passed us by
We never felt like we should
We never did what we wanted to
When people saw us they smiled
And now all those people
Now they feel like they have to

The way we used to watch old movies
You took the role as my Grace Kelly
Dancing, laughing and playing til dawn
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you

Like Him

Down at the station,
a young boy writes with a pen.
Taking out his frustration,
again and again.
He’s writing furiously,
and looking so grim.
I wonder what he’ll be,
knowing I was just like him.

Wrong Number

I picked up my telephone
To hear you crying through static
Somewhere on the other end
Fiber optics and electricity
Have brought you closer to me
And darling, you sure sound lonely
I’d ask you to tell me what’s wrong
Tell me your entire sad story
But sorry love, wrong number

I watched you in technicolor
Graffiti splayed on concrete walls
Broken pavement, cracked sidewalks
Have brought you closer to me
And darling, you sure look lonely
Sitting on the curb with a broken heel
Mascara running down your cheeks
Oh, those eyes how they pull me in
Emerald and sparkling through tears

Last night I heard you calling
Words echoing off empty alley walls
Down desolate dimly lit highways
Abandoned lots with overgrown grass
Have brought you closer to me
And darling, you sure sound lonely
Seems like you could use a new friend
Give me a call and let your smile shine
But sorry love, wrong number


Am I awake?
Or have I been sleeping?
I found myself on the seaside
Gasping for air and running
Through the sand, as if
Lead weights were tied
Around my ankles.

Are you here?
Or do I just wish you were?
I found myself floating out
Among buoys and waves
Part of the flotsam, as if
I were the shipwreck
With no survivors.

Is this real?
Or just my imagination?
I found myself on a park bench,
Arm in arm with a lover
In the foreground, as if
We were being painted
And hung on the wall.

Are you packed?
Could I beg you stay?
I found myself in a hotel room,
Heart forced into a suitcase,
My soul left sitting there,
On the dresser, for the
Next occupant to use.

Am I awake?
Or have I been sleeping?
I found myself on the seaside,
Staring up at the stars,
In a moment that would last,
If only you would let it,
If only you would stay.