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The Mistrust of Head and Heart

Making sense of what you’ve said
With the thoughts already on my mind
Well, darlin’ don’t look down
Cos it’s too far for you to fall

Count the hours and face your fears
Oscillate and get nowhere fast
Well darlin’ don’t look now
They’ll be coming through the door

I’ve been thinking about your
… love and what I’ll do
You’re hanging over me
Storm clouds and loggerheads

You get me down, so I get high
And I’ve been hanging out for days
Sitting in your haunted grounds
With the apparition of your love

Three days ago on that beach we combed
I was digging up the harder days
Well darlin’, I might have known
You’d been tearing up all the photographs

Lost sight of what love really was
When I set sail for higher ground
In a few days I’ll find my way around
It just takes some time to move on


PHOTO: Portland Headlight

I took a drive over to Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, ME between classes early this afternoon. This is a picture of the iconic Portland Headlight located at the park. You can actually see Ledge Lighthouse from Spring Point from Fort Williams Park.

PHOTO: Spring Point

Also taken yesterday, this is a photograph of Spring Point’s Ledge Lighthouse, which has also been referenced here.

PHOTO: Praying Mantis

I’ve been incredibly busy and apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve been itching to get some free time to write, or even have the opportunity to get something down on paper, but it’s been a hectic past week or so.

Anyway, I had a spare moment between classes yesterday and walked down to Ledge Lighthouse. I was walking down a staircase and caught something flying about in the corner of my eye. I look down at the last stone step and see this praying mantis had landed there. He was quite good about having his picture taken.


This is a view from Southern Maine Community college. There’s a small path that loops around the coast over to Spring Point Harbor. I spent my morning between Psychology and Intro to Mass Communications sitting on a bench, looking out over the water from my position. It was a wonderful way to spend the extra time between class. A true affirmation of life.

PHOTO: Glistening Spider Web

This spider web was hanging underneath a dying pine tree.