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Objects In Mirror…

I’ve been driving down
These long desert roads
Through moonless nights
To cool my foolish pride
Such a barren landscape
Rocky, cold, unforgiving
I know I’ve been here before
When the sun was shining
And burning in my heart
Night always comes too soon
Smothering the flames
And I keep on driving down
These long desert roads
I need a roadside attraction
Another five dollar distraction
To keep you in my rear view
You’ll always look closer
Than you appear


On The Rise

Moon on the rise
A lonely silhouette
Pressed dark against the last remaining light

And two dim eyes
Searching the horizon
Peer beneath his dusty traveler’s hat

He digs his heels in from their stirrups
The earth is stirred
Kicked into the sky
A bellowing whinny pierces through the night
Echoing over the hills
And down into the valley

A torrid pace through the wastelands
Black cloak twisting silently in the wind
Horse and rider approach the destination
A desolate farmhouse on dying earth
Blood curdling shrieks of terrified children
Watch the beast tear open helpless livestock

The rider dismounts his steed
And stalks upon the gruesome creature
Unsheathing his curare tipped dagger
Two dim eyes narrow on approach
Beneath his dusty traveler’s hat
As the beast crunches bone and sinew

His blood lust and hunger never sated
The creature doesn’t sense the rider
As the garrote slips around his neck
And the poisoned dagger strikes true
A grievous wound through his evil heart
With a roar into the throes of death
The beast collapses in the rotting orchard

Rider on the rise
Reprising his role in the saddle
He tips his hat to the indebted farmer

And two dim eyes
Searching the horizon
Peer beneath his dusty traveler’s hat


A lonely cricket plays his summer swan song
Somewhere in a dark corner of his hideaway
The stridulation echos out to an empty audience
His cadence is backed by deep baritone croaks
Of one hundred wood frogs laying low in swamps
And down by the river coyotes howl and yelp
Calling to one another with urgency and excitement
They gather together in a pack and catch the scent
Moving slowly through the forest and open fields
They’re stalking their prey through tall, wet grass
That’s just begging for the thresher to cut it down
In the distance cars motor down an unseen overpass
Taking people to places the animals can’t understand
Driven on by a baser instinct, hunt, kill, rinse, repeat
While we lounge comfortably in our warm homes
With all the modern necessities we’ve come to have
It doesn’t seem to be often enough that we step back
And take the time to listen to the sounds all around us
Like a lonely cricket playing his summer swan song

It’s Been Awhile…

I used to lay on the hood of my car
And look way up into the blue sky
Wondering if that was you passing by
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you

I used to lay out on the beach
And look way up into the night sky
Wondering if you were in the stars
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you

It seems as time has passed us by
We never felt like we should
We never did what we wanted to
When people saw us they smiled
And now all those people
Now they feel like they have to

The way we used to watch old movies
You took the role as my Grace Kelly
Dancing, laughing and playing til dawn
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you