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Objects In Mirror…

I’ve been driving down
These long desert roads
Through moonless nights
To cool my foolish pride
Such a barren landscape
Rocky, cold, unforgiving
I know I’ve been here before
When the sun was shining
And burning in my heart
Night always comes too soon
Smothering the flames
And I keep on driving down
These long desert roads
I need a roadside attraction
Another five dollar distraction
To keep you in my rear view
You’ll always look closer
Than you appear


Tangerine Dream

Sweat drips down they start to pursue
The hounds of hell snapping at yer heels
Jowls dripping insatiable blood lust
Run for yer life to the back of the queue
Price paid for back alley brokered soul deals

Morphine drip drop coma induced fuzz
Several shades of the prettiest blues and pinks
A cheshire smiling snake oil man of trust
Can charm the bee’s knees off their buzz
Held you by the scruff pushed to the brink

Open yer eyes sunbeams pour in like wine
Crippled by dragon’s maw fiery mind’s eye
Bottomed out hourglass scene sussed
Out in a park flying kites electrify am fine
Yer tarnished crown not held quite so high

And from my tree
So jovially smoking
I’ll sit and let you be
The reigned upon king