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The Shore

I’m on way
To the sea
I’ll see you there
All bows and curls
Lift you up
And spin you round
The girl I used to whirl

Sweet tonics
To sip and sulk
Old fashioned potions
Foolhardy devotions
Night stand night terrors
Locked you in the drawer
Cast away the key

I’m on my way
To the sea
Light the beacons
And sound the horns
Darling, I’d wash in
On the morning tide
To drown upon your shore


Modern Grey and the Bench of G.W.S

The sky and sea are painted modern grey
Mirroring the walls of Fort Gorges in the bay
Taking in the serenity all around me
Occupying a park bench that holds fond memories
That ‘old soldiers will never die’
You’ll never be immortal if you never try

Two lovers walking hand-in-hand a seaside mile
We laugh and reminisce, she’s got a beautiful smile
She takes me back to a time and place
I’ve forgotten her name, but I remember her face
Swimming ashore in the depths of her eyes
I’ll never be immortal if I never try

When she sun finally breaks through the clouds
And I feel alone in the midst of the crowd
In the time it takes to mix an old-fashioned potion
I’ll have set sail for distant seas on calmer oceans
Darlin’, rest your head on my shoulder and don’t cry
We’ll never be immortal if we never try

I Remember

I remember…
When you took my hand the first time
One day after the final frost of winter
While tulips pushed through the soil
Spring had begun

How you lifted me from the bottom
Of a bottle or my thoughts with a hand
Showed me it can mean as much as a smile
So I smiled back

The way you could sing the blues
Delicate, beautiful yet raw, untamed
A siren sweetly singing take me away
Take me away

Watching your fingers pick the guitar
Left hand just like Paul you always said
My harp couldn’t keep your torrid pace
I wailed along

The hood of my car, cigarettes and the stars
Led Zeppelin I, the ocean and that first kiss
The night was young then again so were we
And so were we

And I remember the last words you said
As you forced one last smile before I left
You said I know I’ll see you on the other side
And your eyes closed

(Dedicated to Anna Michiko Reardon, the first girl I ever loved. 03/17/81-04/18/03)