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On The Rise

Moon on the rise
A lonely silhouette
Pressed dark against the last remaining light

And two dim eyes
Searching the horizon
Peer beneath his dusty traveler’s hat

He digs his heels in from their stirrups
The earth is stirred
Kicked into the sky
A bellowing whinny pierces through the night
Echoing over the hills
And down into the valley

A torrid pace through the wastelands
Black cloak twisting silently in the wind
Horse and rider approach the destination
A desolate farmhouse on dying earth
Blood curdling shrieks of terrified children
Watch the beast tear open helpless livestock

The rider dismounts his steed
And stalks upon the gruesome creature
Unsheathing his curare tipped dagger
Two dim eyes narrow on approach
Beneath his dusty traveler’s hat
As the beast crunches bone and sinew

His blood lust and hunger never sated
The creature doesn’t sense the rider
As the garrote slips around his neck
And the poisoned dagger strikes true
A grievous wound through his evil heart
With a roar into the throes of death
The beast collapses in the rotting orchard

Rider on the rise
Reprising his role in the saddle
He tips his hat to the indebted farmer

And two dim eyes
Searching the horizon
Peer beneath his dusty traveler’s hat



Wolves howl at the waning moon
Feel the prickly mange at your feet
Hands soiled and charred by earth
Sharpened blade drags in the dirt
Gleams from the flame of bonfires
Tonight the powerful legions rest
Sunrise awaits just below the hills
And beyond that the hated enemy
The truncheons have been weighted
Nerves wound tight and fear released
Get a good night’s sleep gentlemen
For tomorrow we charge

Ferocious roars fill the open valley
Heavy feet shake the hard ground
Generals confident on their steeds
Pressed for victory and nothing less
The numbers are in our favor today
Our hearts are strong and souls steel
Forged from the hands of the Gods
Fear the focus in our enemies eyes
Sword and shields tremble slightly
But just enough to catch the scent
The stink in the air just before the call
Before we spill their blood

Front lines size them up and laugh
Brotherhood and superiority reign
Triumph only in the dismay of others
Pity those who stand in the way
Their fresh blood sating our tastes
Curdling screams rushing adrenaline
Steel tearing into raw bone and sinew
Life fades with one desperate gasp
Bodies begin to fill the landscape
Just before the sun rises to noon
Legions of Hell will cast no shadow
We shall strike them down

Stalking and ravaging their army
Only the once great King remains
He hangs his head with disgrace
Climbs down from his aging horse
Awards his sword to the General
A great cheer rises from the field
The battle is finished and is won
Honorable blood of a thousand men
Coats the great fields of the giants
Our souls are filled with great pride
We have triumphed for our leaders
Celebration lasts for days

And now I look toward the east
Where the sun will rise once more
My head is weary but I’ll survive
The long journey home will begin
Fatigue of battle replaced by joy
My heart fills for the family I’ll see
The land I till the crops I grow
A service to my Emperor always
My soul is powered by his great will
My mind is tempered by his wisdom
But after war my heart shall be filled
By the love of my family