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She’s spent her entire life running,
from something that’s bigger than she,
and with every passing empty glass
she burrows herself a little deeper.

Now talking aloud to no one at all,
counting the seconds moving forward,
as she flips over the hourglass,
they slide back down in reverse.

With hope that she won’t be noticed
however, it is only a matter of time
before the wandering eye makes contact
and pulls her back into the fray.

A wall of protest before she finally acquiesces,
fading into the cacophony of sound and lights,
dancing like an electric eel through the coral,
along the ocean floor.

Floating high with shapeless cotton clouds,
a soft blanket wrapping up her fears,
but the inconvenience of gravity,
will pull her back to earth again.

She rises with the bloom of a young spring,
and fades in the blight of a cold winter,
running from those she’ll never see,
but feels them all around her.


In terror,
watch them flee.
They look,
over their shoulders.
Running as fast,
As their legs will carry them.

It’s hopeless,
yet still they run.
Their blood,
coursing through veins.
Their hearts,
ready to explode through their chest.

The monster,
lurking in the shadow.
The monster,
behind every corner.
The monster,
is whatever they make it out to be.

Close their eyes,
afraid to fall asleep.
Beads of sweat,
Drip drop, drip drop.
They feel the monster,
in pursuit and nipping at their heels.

Where do they turn?
Oh, where do they go?

Crimson blood,
now paints the walls.
And the bodies,
are piling up in the corner.
Running out,
they’re running out of floor space.

Stack them neat,
and stack them higher still.
The memories,
of the departed are here.
Gnawing within,
eating their brains from the inside.

Just take two,
the doctor remarks.
And call me,
First thing in the morning.
To tell me,
how you’re feeling after this.

Now maybe,
these nightmares will end.
And the monster,
will stop hunting them down.
In terror,
They keep running from make believe.

My Devil

My devil wears black heels and a short skirt
My devil covets possession and vanity
My devil crouches dark eyed in the jungle

Underneath the moon cut like a sickle
She speaks so firmly of a love so fickle
Whispering into my ear to ease my fear
But her dusty skeletons are always near
Hanging from the closet
And old oak tree

My devil turns promises into thinly veiled lies
My devil spins yarns and weaves a bit too thick
My devil fades as an apparition into the night

It takes a lot of whiskey to make my bed
When all my brains have gone to my head
Just as the sun starts to rise over the pines
And I’m trying to straighten out my spine
It all washes over
Sober and free