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Technicolor Hearts

it’s about to begin
soak in this spectrum
of light and sound
I sprayed my love
across your walls
in technicolor

pay no mind
to twisted faces
grinning smiles
their hollow eyes
looking, staring
right through

they’re monsters
locked away
stashed secretly
deep within
deep down
free them now

one thousand tiny
stinging paper cuts
from love letters
I couldn’t bear
to seal and send
piling ever higher

I’m so afraid
the messenger bird
shot out of the sky
a cloud of feathers
heavier than the sun
I can’t bear to witness
I can’t bear to be

I sprayed my love
across your white walls
in the technicolor
of my bleeding heart
it’s just as you imagined


The Mistrust of Head and Heart

Making sense of what you’ve said
With the thoughts already on my mind
Well, darlin’ don’t look down
Cos it’s too far for you to fall

Count the hours and face your fears
Oscillate and get nowhere fast
Well darlin’ don’t look now
They’ll be coming through the door

I’ve been thinking about your
… love and what I’ll do
You’re hanging over me
Storm clouds and loggerheads

You get me down, so I get high
And I’ve been hanging out for days
Sitting in your haunted grounds
With the apparition of your love

Three days ago on that beach we combed
I was digging up the harder days
Well darlin’, I might have known
You’d been tearing up all the photographs

Lost sight of what love really was
When I set sail for higher ground
In a few days I’ll find my way around
It just takes some time to move on

The Shore

I’m on way
To the sea
I’ll see you there
All bows and curls
Lift you up
And spin you round
The girl I used to whirl

Sweet tonics
To sip and sulk
Old fashioned potions
Foolhardy devotions
Night stand night terrors
Locked you in the drawer
Cast away the key

I’m on my way
To the sea
Light the beacons
And sound the horns
Darling, I’d wash in
On the morning tide
To drown upon your shore

Bad Habit

Oh, I’ve got a bad habit
And I’m woefully unprepared
In the dimming city lights
She’s got her eyes set on me
I can feel her army of bad intentions
Marching directly for my heart

Oh, I’m a glutton for punishment
Throwing open the gates with a flourish
Ringing the bells and shouting
“Come on in! Come on in!
See the carnival, see the lights!
See the games, see the shows!
And be sure to take a piece of me
Before you go!”

Oh, I’ve got a bad habit
She’s a cool breeze on a summer day
Whistling through aching bones
And tall, arching maple trees
A reminder of the grassy knolls
We played in when we were young


The waxing moon rose high into the night sky, its jaundiced glow making things seem a little brighter. Constellations in the shapes of stars surrounded the moon, a fiery army of the night that watched over everything, even though they were so far away. When you and I look back at this, will we remember the good times? Or will the times of pain, hurt and heartbreak rule the memories of what we once were?

The eroding beaches of time will always tell. The tide comes in and goes, the ever-growing moon pulling at the ocean deeps with all it’s might. The waxing moon’s shine bounces off the calm rippling surface leaving a glimmer that fades in your eyes. You can see the frown of regret drawn crudely on my face and you run a soft finger across the edge of my lips.

Your water well eyes and cotton mouth would be perfect if only they could fit in each other. Your mouth is stuck trying to tell me that everything’s going to be all right. Everything works out in the end. But staring into those emerald eyes, I’m drowning for the past. You said we could never go back, the past was done. However, in my head I can replay the good and block out the bad. My own little movie studio where every ending is a happy ending.

Do you remember the first time we met here? The waning moon had a reddish glow as it sank beneath the mighty ocean. Everything seemed easier then. Both of us were trembling, nervous for what might happen next. We knew what we wanted and it was the same. I was the one who finally grew the courage and leaned in for that first awkward kiss. My body was stiffer than a toy soldier when I made the move, but you embraced it completely.

When we moved apart and looked at each other for the first time after that moment, wide-eyed and full of wonderment, did you ever think it could end this way? Did you ever think the last day of the summer could be so cold? Everything that came out of your mouth seemed forced as I listened. I let the words come out, I had nothing to say. Even if I had wanted to, I wouldn’t have been able to muster any words of coherence.

Finally after looking away from those beautiful eyes of yours, I was able to open my mouth. “How did we get so far apart?” I asked. You looked down at yours toes and dug them into the soft sand, speechless. “We used to be so close together.” I said. You put your chin into your chest and swallowed hard. Our journey as waves had just crashed into the breakwater. We’ve been left in pieces, shattered glass from a window pane.

As clear as the sky was that night, I felt like the rain was pouring down in my head. So sad to see us this way, I lament. I was hoping you’d let me down easy. Though I knew that would be impossible, the way I felt about you, and you to myself. I wanted to cry and I wanted to scream. I wanted to make you understand that you couldn’t do this to me… to us. The words were there in my head, but I was choking on them and I was never going to get them out.

After all we had gone through, I finally understood what it meant to feel the way it does when the rain comes down hard. Ere our substance as one was quickly unraveling and neither of us was being strong enough to pull through the emotion of what we were doing to one another. Everything fades in time, it’s true, but not like this.

For the last time I looked into your beautiful green eyes, the burning embers I had remembered from years past had began to smolder and the tears finally began to roll down the sides of your face. I raised a hand and put it to the side of your face and struggled one last smile. “I’ll always love you.” I said, filled with conviction. My eyes also began to water as you fought out a smile of your own. This was it and I stood up and began to walk from the beach we had spent so many nights on. I could feel your teary-eyed gaze watching me as I walked off into the night. And I couldn’t help but feel that I was slowly dying in those emerald eyes of yours.

It was then that I thought I heard your voice whisper, or maybe it was just the wind, “Maybe I can give this just one more try…”

Burning Down

You’re out behind the scenes
Always pulling at the strings
When hour hands tick back
When good father time stands still

An end to all our means
And burning black are my wings
Words I say seem to crack
Maybe I’ve just lost the will

So you’ve heard my sordid story
On how clever lost it’s glory
How I’m left to stand with all guns blazing
While it’s the heart of my love they’re razing
Oh my love’s
Burning down

You’re tugging at the cord
I can’t look the other way
Now my chute won’t open
One last trip to kiss the ground

Words done in by the sword
It won’t matter what I say
Oh won’t you just mouth when
And I’ll go without a sound

So you’ve heard my sordid story
On how clever lost it’s glory
Oh my love’s
Burning down

Pitchforks and torches in hand
They’ll start the fire
Villagers rushing past the town crier
Oh my love’s
Burning down


Walkin’ down empty streets all alone at night
Meet a man with a cane says he flies planes
Well Mister you know I can’t really talk
See I’m seein’ Jane and I’m late for my train
She’s a real pain and I can’t leave her in the rain
She looks real bad when she gets soaked

Well this man would have none of my plight
Son your heart got away, your soul’s gone astray
To all the places that tomorrow never knows
And if I may you’ve got to go and seize it today
It’s too late to pray, son just dive into the fray
You’re lookin’ real bad when you get down

But what else can I do?
Just waiting in the queue

This man was a well of wisdom giving me a sip
I let him speak his mind now that I make time
Son let me tell you about the loved and the lost
He said you’ll come to find they’re not so kind
But love will wind and always become entwined
You’re lookin real bad when your heart’s broke

So now I took of my hat and decided I’d go on
Mister her name’s Allison, thought she was the one
But I lost my head and she lost her desire
And it ain’t always so fun when I’m not in her sun
Her love can’t be outdone now that I got none
Not lookin’ so bad whenever I see her

But what else can I do?
Standing without you

Well this man with his cane would not be stopped
Son don’t be blue you know I’ve been there too
Everyone’s heart aches every now and then
You’ll make it through, can tell by lookin’ at you
Let me give you a clue, all my words are true
You’re lookin’ better with time

But what else can I do?
I bid her a fair adieu