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I’ve never found the answers
At the bottom of any bottle
I’ve been given plenty of labels
Most of them have never stuck
Failure, fuck up, lazy and loser
Uninspiring words from those
Who don’t know what it’s like
I’ve been stoned out of my mind
Tripped to places seldom seen
Traipsed the world for answers
They were just out of my grasp
My fingers clawing at the gaps
She tells me my love’s in vein
But my effort wasn’t in doubt
I was left nonplussed in the car
Distraught and dismantled
My heart sundered in pieces
I still haven’t found them all
Swallowing those ersatz pills
Of false words, forced smiles
Couldn’t she slip me a noose
From the hangman’s gallows
Metaphorically, of course
She wore the executioner’s hood
With such zeal and aplomb
I certainly couldn’t resist her
Poisonous advances that rose
Like fog rolling in from the sea
Her voice striking through
The sword piercing my armor
Falling to my knees, gasping
To do this all over again