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The Shore

I’m on way
To the sea
I’ll see you there
All bows and curls
Lift you up
And spin you round
The girl I used to whirl

Sweet tonics
To sip and sulk
Old fashioned potions
Foolhardy devotions
Night stand night terrors
Locked you in the drawer
Cast away the key

I’m on my way
To the sea
Light the beacons
And sound the horns
Darling, I’d wash in
On the morning tide
To drown upon your shore


Harmonica Man

Bright and sunny day, could you carry a tune?
I don’t believe we’ve met, not down at the saloon
I’ll ride in on my horse to search for the buried gold
One thousand times over I’ve been bought and sold

Vultures circling round my high noon scorching sun
The last possession on me, my tried and trusted gun
Out here in the sun and desert and shadowed by cacti
I lay my hat on my chest, not sure if I’ll live or I’ll die

Harmonica man, it’s been so goddamned long
Sing the blues, man, to comfort all of our wrongs
Harmonica man, won’t you play us all a song?

Quick draw, shot him down, but took a bullet too
It’s all I’ve got in this broken body to pull through
Beyond bleached skulls, there’s a lush oasis I see
It’s just a mirage, and I reach for my skin of whiskey

Harmonica man, it’s been so goddamned long
Harmonica man, won’t you play us all a song
Harmonica man, help me get through this battle
Harmonica man, help me get back in the saddle

Sing the blues, man, to comfort all of our woes
Harmonica man, that’s the way a western life goes


We’ll regale ourselves with tales of old
And of stories that are so famous and bold
The times we’ve spent laughing over spirits
While there might be details that we omit
It really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme
It’s all the same in a teenage wet dream

So baby, let’s spend the night together
We can deconstruct all our inhibitions
Move on the dance floor to the sound
Spin like a top and watch the room whirl

Well tell me how you’ve made it this far
When you’ve come so close, but no cigar
I’ll tell you how I was a wild west gunslinger
And how I was sure you were a dead ringer
For a girl I used to know back in my past
Something we both knew would never last

So baby, let’s spend the night together
We can deconstruct all our inhibitions
Take it back to my place before too long
Pretend we’ve never met when morning comes

Serve me one more drink and I’ll leave
Though I’ve got another story I can weave
How I learned long ago to never fall in love
That it’s just another feeling to be disposed of
And I don’t know what I’ve been talking about
With no merit badge, I’m just a lost boy scout

I Remember

I remember…
When you took my hand the first time
One day after the final frost of winter
While tulips pushed through the soil
Spring had begun

How you lifted me from the bottom
Of a bottle or my thoughts with a hand
Showed me it can mean as much as a smile
So I smiled back

The way you could sing the blues
Delicate, beautiful yet raw, untamed
A siren sweetly singing take me away
Take me away

Watching your fingers pick the guitar
Left hand just like Paul you always said
My harp couldn’t keep your torrid pace
I wailed along

The hood of my car, cigarettes and the stars
Led Zeppelin I, the ocean and that first kiss
The night was young then again so were we
And so were we

And I remember the last words you said
As you forced one last smile before I left
You said I know I’ll see you on the other side
And your eyes closed

(Dedicated to Anna Michiko Reardon, the first girl I ever loved. 03/17/81-04/18/03)

My Devil

My devil wears black heels and a short skirt
My devil covets possession and vanity
My devil crouches dark eyed in the jungle

Underneath the moon cut like a sickle
She speaks so firmly of a love so fickle
Whispering into my ear to ease my fear
But her dusty skeletons are always near
Hanging from the closet
And old oak tree

My devil turns promises into thinly veiled lies
My devil spins yarns and weaves a bit too thick
My devil fades as an apparition into the night

It takes a lot of whiskey to make my bed
When all my brains have gone to my head
Just as the sun starts to rise over the pines
And I’m trying to straighten out my spine
It all washes over
Sober and free