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Am I awake?
Or have I been sleeping?
I found myself on the seaside
Gasping for air and running
Through the sand, as if
Lead weights were tied
Around my ankles.

Are you here?
Or do I just wish you were?
I found myself floating out
Among buoys and waves
Part of the flotsam, as if
I were the shipwreck
With no survivors.

Is this real?
Or just my imagination?
I found myself on a park bench,
Arm in arm with a lover
In the foreground, as if
We were being painted
And hung on the wall.

Are you packed?
Could I beg you stay?
I found myself in a hotel room,
Heart forced into a suitcase,
My soul left sitting there,
On the dresser, for the
Next occupant to use.

Am I awake?
Or have I been sleeping?
I found myself on the seaside,
Staring up at the stars,
In a moment that would last,
If only you would let it,
If only you would stay.

Heart of Stone

My heart it flutters whenever you’re around
Feel the air beneath my feet, I don’t touch the ground
Someone like you must have been heaven sent
Not even in my dreams did I think I’d see
A girl like you who I’d come to lament
Now I’m gonna take my heart and soul with me
Cause baby you know I’d pray if I thought I could
But the words I’m trying to say are just no good

Will you meet me on a day that never ends?
Our love can flourish and we can make amends
My soul’s alright, but don’t break my heart of stone
Cause I don’t wanna hang my head
And be out there on my own

As I close my eyes to sleep
It all seems to disappear
I realize just what you are
A dream that went too far
And now you’re slipping away