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I’m stranded
Out on the rock
Of the beach
Of your love

Searing sunshine
Simmering horizon
The boiling ocean

I’m sickly
By vergift
Your gift
To me
In the dying light
The fading embers
A sickly-sweet kiss
The taste of death
On those lips
Those tracing

Gone haywire
Watch the machine
Tinker and toil
Ratchet and wrench
A thousand more pieces
For you to try and fit

My malleable heart
The blacksmith’s iron
Forge and shape
Temper and mold
Glowing white-hot
Searing sunshine
You’ve left my body
So very cold



It started with a smile and a shrug,
a decade that was to yield so much,
took a turn and never recovered,
falling short of expectations.

There is always a way forward,
whether it’s over, under or through,
those who try hardest are bound,
to find the glowing neon exit.

Love lost and laid to rest early on,
the decade became a challenge,
an uphill climb into the clouds,
I had simply lost my way.

Guilty as charged, I gave up,
when the weight was too much to bear,
thought I could find my way back,
but it’s never as easy as advertised.

Falling deeper into the darkness,
further and further from the exit lights,
drawing myself inward and aloof,
enveloped by the thickest fog.

Slowly the light began to return,
a pinpoint at the end of a long tunnel,
gradually growing brighter by the day,
shining hope where it was lost.

Entering into this brand new decade,
filled with the promise of a better man,
who won’t shirk or shrink from anything,
or give a damn what they may think.

From the ashes of my own demise,
rising like a fiery phoenix reborn,
poised to strike while the iron glows,
white with the heat of a new decade.