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The Shore

I’m on way
To the sea
I’ll see you there
All bows and curls
Lift you up
And spin you round
The girl I used to whirl

Sweet tonics
To sip and sulk
Old fashioned potions
Foolhardy devotions
Night stand night terrors
Locked you in the drawer
Cast away the key

I’m on my way
To the sea
Light the beacons
And sound the horns
Darling, I’d wash in
On the morning tide
To drown upon your shore


Class Project: A Brief History of Alien Prohibition

Good morning! I don’t often ask much of my readers, but this is a small project we have done in our Introduction to Mass Communications class. We had roughly 90 minutes to come up with a concept and shoot the video. It’s a bit strange, but the more hits we achieve, the better grade we’ll get! So please, do us all a favor and give our video a look.


We’ll regale ourselves with tales of old
And of stories that are so famous and bold
The times we’ve spent laughing over spirits
While there might be details that we omit
It really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme
It’s all the same in a teenage wet dream

So baby, let’s spend the night together
We can deconstruct all our inhibitions
Move on the dance floor to the sound
Spin like a top and watch the room whirl

Well tell me how you’ve made it this far
When you’ve come so close, but no cigar
I’ll tell you how I was a wild west gunslinger
And how I was sure you were a dead ringer
For a girl I used to know back in my past
Something we both knew would never last

So baby, let’s spend the night together
We can deconstruct all our inhibitions
Take it back to my place before too long
Pretend we’ve never met when morning comes

Serve me one more drink and I’ll leave
Though I’ve got another story I can weave
How I learned long ago to never fall in love
That it’s just another feeling to be disposed of
And I don’t know what I’ve been talking about
With no merit badge, I’m just a lost boy scout