The Bragger

A bragger goes on and on
A crafty sort
A bit of a spider
Weaves his web
Of silky tall tales
Perfecting his craft
Of one-upsmanship

You’re never quite sure
If this is real or fantasy
Fact or fiction
The librarian
Can’t direct you either
Is this a biography
Or a parody
Perhaps maybe
The greatest story ever told

The most mundane story
Becomes spectacular
Exciting and life-altering
Ego boosting?
So nonchalant about it
Casually smoking a Camel
And waiting for the next word

The bragger never listens
Waits for you to stop speaking
A slight pause
And he pounces
Agile, a shadowy panther
Stalking in the night
He’s been here
He’s been there
Has he been anywhere?

He regales us with an epic yarn
Of lovers and rock shows
Addictions so untrue
You laugh and smile
Nod your head
And feel a little sad
He must be so lonely
And desperately disparate
Addled with self-loathing
Unable to claw out
The bragger’s trapped behind the walls
Erected by all his self-doubt

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