ESSAY: Why I’m In College

Note: This was written for my English Composition class. A narrative essay on why we are in college. The professor told us not to edit the paper and to go with what we had. So there might be a few grammatical errors, but only because the paper was not edited. For the record, I received a 100 for the paper.


Ten years ago this past June, I graduated from Thornton Academy. I use the term “graduation” loosely, because while I got to walk on stage, accept my diploma and shake the headmaster’s hand, I wasn’t necessarily deserving of being there. I scraped through by the skin of my teeth, because quite frankly, I didn’t care. Early on after graduation I promise myself that I would take a solitary year off and return to school. Well, one year became two, which became five and that eventually became ten. Now, at 28 years old, I’m finally a college student. There are a number of factors that became the impetus to receive a higher education.

Coming out of high school I had been working at Shaw’s and was on the fast track into management. This was the first reason why I didn’t immediately make the leap into the college world. I had a good job and was more concerned with the instant gratification of a paycheck every week rather than taking another two or four years to graduate from college and find another job after that. Indeed, I did make my way up the management ladder, becoming an Assistant Customer Service Manager in 2007. Everything was copacetic until 2010 when the company announced massive cutbacks and redundancies. They made sweeping changes company-wide and I lost my management position, not because of job performance, but because I didn’t have the seniority over other Customer Service Managers. Yes, 10 years of service was the short end of that stick.

While I kept a full-time position with the company, I began to search for a new job. I found one at a local machine shop doing office work in Saco. I can honestly say it’s the best job I’ve ever had in terms of compensation and that I actually looked forward to going in every single day. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for me and times got tough for the company and I got laid off in March 2011. This led to a long spell of unemployment. When January and February of this year rolled on through and I still hadn’t found a job, I told myself it was time to apply to SMCC.

I knew that a resume with a background predominantly in retail customer service would never get me any further than that. I’ve always had an interest in writing in the media and after some thought decided I wanted to explore Communications & New Media. I came back to school because I knew that without a better education I wasn’t going to find a satisfactory job. I knew I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life toiling away in retail. I possess the acumen and intelligence to do so much more with myself than that. There is absolutely no better motivator than being unemployed. Not to mention friends who are constantly encouraging me to get back into as well. They were a fantastic influence. I want to graduate, find a great job in the media field, something that makes me truly happy. That is why I am in college today.

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