The Old Man

An old man told me long ago
To take my time and take it slow
Cos there’s beauty in this life
There’s no need for any strife
And with all the things I’ve learned
Someday I know all will be returned
But with time to kill until that day
I’ve got much to see and much to say

There was an old man by the sea
Told me all the things he wished to be
Said to never take my eye off the prize
And to never believe in all their lies
Cos that’s when he learned he had lost
But until now had never known the cost
All his hopes and dreams were cast away
Under the sea where all the fish play

There was an old man on the street
The lines on his face showed defeat
A life of dreams had worn him thin
Years of taking it on the chin
Still he told me to never be like this
Though we know life is hit or miss
I know they’ll try and bleed me dry
But all my dreams will never go awry

So the next time you see an old man
Take the time and listen all you can
Cos every man deserves their say
Even in their last moments of decay
Spend a moment and take his words
You could learn from what you’ve heard
And look at his face you should care
Cos someday you may find yourself there

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