Paint me a picture of your life,
Are you using warm colors or cool?
Broad or fine, delicate strokes?

Is your landscape an open field,
With wildflowers and and tall grass,
Gently swaying in the cool breeze?

Or is it in an industrial zone,
Where cogs and gears are grinding,
Singing a song of mass production?

Perhaps you’re lost in a cityscape,
Of arching skyscrapers, park benches,
Filled with the bustle of commerce.

Are you out on a bright, sunny day?
In your favorite yellow sundress,
Toes dug into some sandy beach.

Walking on the promenade at night,
City lights reflecting off the placid bay,
Stars burning brilliantly above.

Paint me a picture of your life,
Are you with those you hold close?
Or alone, but comfortably so?

Smiling in the arms of your lover,
While you walk a quiet lakeside mile,
Is this the picture you would paint?

There are those with a blank canvas,
Contemplating where to begin again,
The first brush stroke setting the tone.

I myself am staring at an untouched work,
Having framed the past neatly on the wall,
A reminder of all that I had one been.

It’s time for a new creative direction,
The first brush stroke to be a statement,
Of my own personal renaissance.

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