Walkin’ down empty streets all alone at night
Meet a man with a cane says he flies planes
Well Mister you know I can’t really talk
See I’m seein’ Jane and I’m late for my train
She’s a real pain and I can’t leave her in the rain
She looks real bad when she gets soaked

Well this man would have none of my plight
Son your heart got away, your soul’s gone astray
To all the places that tomorrow never knows
And if I may you’ve got to go and seize it today
It’s too late to pray, son just dive into the fray
You’re lookin’ real bad when you get down

But what else can I do?
Just waiting in the queue

This man was a well of wisdom giving me a sip
I let him speak his mind now that I make time
Son let me tell you about the loved and the lost
He said you’ll come to find they’re not so kind
But love will wind and always become entwined
You’re lookin real bad when your heart’s broke

So now I took of my hat and decided I’d go on
Mister her name’s Allison, thought she was the one
But I lost my head and she lost her desire
And it ain’t always so fun when I’m not in her sun
Her love can’t be outdone now that I got none
Not lookin’ so bad whenever I see her

But what else can I do?
Standing without you

Well this man with his cane would not be stopped
Son don’t be blue you know I’ve been there too
Everyone’s heart aches every now and then
You’ll make it through, can tell by lookin’ at you
Let me give you a clue, all my words are true
You’re lookin’ better with time

But what else can I do?
I bid her a fair adieu

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