American Dream

The perfect home
They all feel perfectly alone
There’s the drunken dad
Who’s always getting mad
At the honestly cheating mom
She puts out with utmost aplomb
Their loose little blonde daughter
In a bathroom stall they’ve caught her
On her knees praying for love
To reverend represents the lord above
And then there’s the sleeping child
All day long he’s gone wild
At night swallows a handful of pills
They’re just enough to cure his ills

The American dream
Not always what it seems

The perfect white picket fence
Let’s dispense with the pretense
It’s time to turn off the set
There’s so much more to get
But they can’t avert their eyes
From television and it’s lies
Led to believe in what they perceive
Don’t believe the truth if you please
It’s in the way that they’ve been raised
Do everything possible for the praise
What else could this perfect family do
Like all the rest standing in the queue
There must be somewhere they can turn
But the American family will never learn

Their American dream
Not always what it seems

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