Monthly Archives: January 2012


I’m a mariner who’s lost at sea
And my notches in the stern
Tell me it’s been fifty days
I left my love on the shore
Sandy beaches I can’t recall
Solid ground is now fantasy
And with each passing day
The crew gets more restless
The whispers of mutiny grow
In the hold beneath the deck
Captain’s quarters closing in
My vessel moans and groans
As she’s tossed round the ocean
Seaworthy legs holding sturdy
In the midst of the turbulence
And the dull roar of betrayal
The crew, just like my lover
Are tired of waiting this out
Supplies and spirits waning
I know I haven’t got any time
Another day and another notch
They’ve taken me in the night
And bound my feet and hands
Led by torchlight to the plank
Hungry sharks circling below
Pushed off the edge, I plunge
Into the cold black ocean
My lover was a whirlpool
And now she’s pulling me in
To embrace the sea once more


Invisible Cars

The distant whir
Of invisible cars
Moving down unseen roads
Taking us to people
Places or things
That we’ve never been shown

All the time spent
Looking for something more
And what we’ve pushed aside
The things we try to keep
Fading away
The stars we wish to be

As something moves
Up into the half-light
And the closer we get,
It’s further that we fall
Do we feel free
From invisible cars

My Devil

My devil wears black heels and a short skirt
My devil covets possession and vanity
My devil crouches dark eyed in the jungle

Underneath the moon cut like a sickle
She speaks so firmly of a love so fickle
Whispering into my ear to ease my fear
But her dusty skeletons are always near
Hanging from the closet
And old oak tree

My devil turns promises into thinly veiled lies
My devil spins yarns and weaves a bit too thick
My devil fades as an apparition into the night

It takes a lot of whiskey to make my bed
When all my brains have gone to my head
Just as the sun starts to rise over the pines
And I’m trying to straighten out my spine
It all washes over
Sober and free

She Over Me

She destroyed me with her smile
Broke me down with her style
Now just what do I do with myself
She’s a mystery wrapped in illusion
Pretty pink bows laced with confusion

She bruises my ego with her words
Pulls me back for seconds and thirds
Now just what do I do with myself
She’s a temptress for cause and effect
Pretty pink rose prickled with regret

She pulls me under
Places I’ve never been
My heart’s asunder
But I’d do it all again

She steals my pride with her stare
Lies in my ear are standard fare
Now just what do I do with myself
She’s a bad dream that doesn’t end
Back in her bed to do it all again

American Dream

The perfect home
They all feel perfectly alone
There’s the drunken dad
Who’s always getting mad
At the honestly cheating mom
She puts out with utmost aplomb
Their loose little blonde daughter
In a bathroom stall they’ve caught her
On her knees praying for love
To reverend represents the lord above
And then there’s the sleeping child
All day long he’s gone wild
At night swallows a handful of pills
They’re just enough to cure his ills

The American dream
Not always what it seems

The perfect white picket fence
Let’s dispense with the pretense
It’s time to turn off the set
There’s so much more to get
But they can’t avert their eyes
From television and it’s lies
Led to believe in what they perceive
Don’t believe the truth if you please
It’s in the way that they’ve been raised
Do everything possible for the praise
What else could this perfect family do
Like all the rest standing in the queue
There must be somewhere they can turn
But the American family will never learn

Their American dream
Not always what it seems

Heart of Stone

My heart it flutters whenever you’re around
Feel the air beneath my feet, I don’t touch the ground
Someone like you must have been heaven sent
Not even in my dreams did I think I’d see
A girl like you who I’d come to lament
Now I’m gonna take my heart and soul with me
Cause baby you know I’d pray if I thought I could
But the words I’m trying to say are just no good

Will you meet me on a day that never ends?
Our love can flourish and we can make amends
My soul’s alright, but don’t break my heart of stone
Cause I don’t wanna hang my head
And be out there on my own

As I close my eyes to sleep
It all seems to disappear
I realize just what you are
A dream that went too far
And now you’re slipping away